User Session expiration explanation needed


I'm asking for a clarification regarding session table in DB when you set to save user sessions in db.
So in my setup I set a user session to save in DB and to have a 900 second (15 minutes) for the session life time (TTL),

but in session table I see that expired column set a 24 hours for the expiration time.

So I need to know how Session TTL connects to expired column in session table?


The Session TTL is actually a setting from the Redis Session Store and not the Database Session Store. It should actually not show. I've checked the knex session package that we use and see that we can set the cookie maxAge instead, if no maxAge is set it will default to 1 day it seems.

I will make some changes to the server connect code so that it correctly sets the TTL for database store, will post the update here when I have something.

Have an update ready for testing. (1.1 KB) unzip to lib/setup.

Yes, looks like this fixed.

Session TTL - 900 second which is 900000 milliseconds in DB.

Thank you.

Fixed in Wappler 6.5.5

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