User Gathering on Friday, 4pm CET - The Plan and How You Can Contribute!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for all your feedback about the User Gathering! It looks like we will have around 7-8 attendees, so this message is primarily aimed at those of you who wish to come:

@brad, @Marcus_Devaney, @Hyperbytes, @baub, @UKRiggers, @TomD, @ben, @sitestreet, @George

Timing - no change

Friday 15th May, starting at:
UK: 3pm
Central Europe: 4pm
West Coast USA: 7am.


So my initial idea of getting some cool presentations on specific topics didn’t quite work out, so here is the related plan (B).

I’ve expanded the topic slightly to call it “Database Management Methodology”… so to go a bit beyond just migration into your complete approach to database management:

  • Database schema (table / column) definitions and documentation
  • Database changes during the design process
  • Creating complex queries
  • Schema synchronisation between design/test/production databases

Reading the thread about the new Wappler Database Manager, it seems much of the debate isn’t so much about the fine details of what it can do, but more about how and whether we will use it. So it seems a good starting point on this debate is to hear of our current database management methodologies, why we do them the way we do, and to get a better understanding of where the Database Manager might fit into all of these possibilities.

Rough Agenda

So I have in mind an agenda something like this:

  • Getting to know each other (30 minutes)
    Everyone has 3 uninterrupted minutes to say some words about their background, their current use of Wappler and anything specific they want to get out of the gathering.

  • "My Database Management Methodology" (60 minutes)
    Everyone who would like to has a chance to speak about their current database management methodology, probably for around 5 minutes each. You can prepare the odd scribbled diagram, do some kind of screen shared demo or just chat from the top of your head, and then be prepared to take about 5 minutes of questions from everyone else.
    The idea is for something completely informal… you don’t need to give it any preparation time if you are really busy, just be prepared to sit somewhere near the edge of your comfort zone and share for the greater good! :slight_smile:

Could those of you planning to attend please reply as to whether you are willing to contribute to this section?

  • How We Might Use Wappler’s Database Manager (25 minutes)
    A more general discussion on how what we have learned and shared will fit into the new world of Wappler 3.0. Hopefully @George will be here too and can field all our questions and hear our perspectives.
    I’ll try to chair a fair and reasonable debate!

  • Wrapup (5 minutes)
    Just a quick summary from everyone about how it has gone and what they have learned.


I’ll scope out some of the technology suggested and post the meeting room on here on Friday morning.

Best wishes,


I’m looking forward to this so thanks for organising it. I hope it’s the first of many.

I don’t think I’ll be able to offer much regarding database methodology as I tend to keep everything fairly basic but will happily chip in as needed. Who knows, there might be something I do which has someone else saying ‘aah, didn’t think of that’ so you never know. Unlikely though!


I doubt I will be adding much either, as still very much a Wappler Newbie on that onboarding journey of self discovery.

Ditto, thanks for sorting this out, great things to come, I’m sure🤟

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Thanks for your replies @Marcus_Devaney and @sitestreet!

How about if you talk a bit about what you have done so far, and what your thoughts and questions are about the way forwards?

I’m in a similar boat to you two… I have more questions than answers, but I would love to hear what point everyone has reached, because that will fuel the discussion about the way forwards, and at a level of understanding we will all be able to follow!

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Sure, I’ll contribute what I can and share from my point of view and see were we get.

I’m am sure though that there will be loads to talk about, some of it will be relevant to my journey and other bits well over my head, but don’t doubt for 1 second that conversation will go dry😁


My plan is to try and make it, but have a deadline on friday so I might have to cut out early. How do we join? Is it zoom or something else that I might need to download in advance?

HI @Antony is the session going to be recorded? For us in Aus its a bit late / early so would be great top watch later :smiley:

@baub - @Antony will be posting the meeting details tomorrow morning.

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Hi, bit late to the party, but wasn’t sure if I could make it. Would like to join, but might be late as my boss does some reviews with me around 4 pm my time which is when it starts. Would it be ok to join in a bit late? I promise I will sneak in.


Sneak in quietly and close the door behind you.

See you there!

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Yes, I’ll do my best to do that!

Originally when this was going to be a face to face meetup I was not going to be able to make it 11000 miles via plane, however as it sounds like it is now a web style meet and greet I will come say hi, please send details of where @Antony

Be great to see you Paul! :slight_smile:

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If you wish to join us for the user gathering today, we will be using Zoom, available at the following link:

There is no password.

Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:



Well done @Antony Great first session. Thanks for having the balls to get this off the ground:)


Really great to meet you all. 2 hours went quickly so that shows how good it was. Can’t wait for the next one. Thanks @Antony for doing such a good job organising it.


Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: I really enjoyed every moment.

Here is the recording of George’s demo!


Thanks @Antony. It was good to ‘meet’ you and the others - and George’s presentation was a bonus.

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You are a great host @Antony! We should do that more often!

Do you have the original video so I can repost it on the Wappler YouTube channel?

Thinking of making a series of “Wappler insider” from those user meetings :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for recording this, wish I could have made it live, but sadly my skype client meeting ran way way longer than expected.

Was great to watch the recorded video though, very exciting and very informative, can not wait to see what George thinks up next.