User friendly search required

While now working daily with Wappler, I found out that searching inside pages and CSS files is not very user friendly.

Clicking on a tab with the CSS file to bring it in focus, and then I use CMND F to search.
Nothing happens.
You first have to click inside the css code and then again cmnd F.
When inserting the search string I hit enter and the first founded string is selected. But sometimes there are many occurrences of the search string. I have to scroll to find them.
PLEASE make a find next/find previous button. And also a search and replace field with replace one or ALL.

I know this is in the advanced search dialog. But that one search the complete project and not only just one file.

I absolutely agree about the search feature. Perhaps it's my eyes, but I find it difficult to see the selected text using the basic search feature. It doesn't need to be a subtle highlight - I want it to jump out, like the example I gave in another thread (DW vs. Wappler highlight):

If I know there are several occurrences I'm looking for, I just paste all the code into a text editor and search there. This is certainly one of the weakest aspects of Wappler - a shortcut cut to jump to each occurrence of a search term is essential.

Actually, this search is pretty good - you can specify the current file, or use wildcards etc.. The trouble is, the current file should be the default, but you have to type the file name in:


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Aha! Did not figure out that you could enter a filename there. That already makes it more convenient!
Thank you Tom for pointing that out.