User Change My Password functionality

I’m trying to implement a change password function for logged in users. I thought I had the logic right. I don’t receive any errors, however the password doesn’t update to the new one entered by the user.

I have a server connect form that has three password fields, 1) current password 2) new password and 3) new password confirm. The form connects to the server action.

Where am I going wrong?

Do the database update query actually run?

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  1. Security Provider is not needed
  2. Security Restrict is not needed
  3. Add Security Identity and use output ID in your query to find user by id
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As notum says at (1)

  1. Security provider not needed, it is now in globals
  2. Personally i would use restrict as it may be applicable in a multi role environment. certainly it will do no harm
  3. your single query should have the condition id = identity (assuming id field is called “id”
  4. conditional condition looks ok
  5. update password should obviously encrypt the new password and have same condition as above query id=identity

Follow this for details on how to troubleshoot server actions


The issue was in the last part in the update query. I mistakenly filtered the update password query in the server action using the wrong user field under ‘Conditions’ - so it was never going to update the DB record :slight_smile.

I learnt that I don’t need ‘Security Provider’ and I can just add 'Security Identity instead. ‘Security Restrict’ I leave where applicable.

Hopefully this helps other who are looking for users to be able to change their passwords whilst logged in. Wappler is awesome!

Thanks very much @scalaris, @Notum, @Hyperbytes - I appreciate your help!

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