User authentication boilerplate

Hello dear wappler superstars !

I’m working on a “user authentication” boilerplate to bootstrap my wapplers projects.
And I wanted to “share the love” with this awesome community.

The demo can be accessible here :

Passwords are hashed using sha256.
Several roles (cumulative, similar to UNIX chgroup).
It supports translations (currently english and french).

There is still a lot to implement on my TODO list to make it ready “out of the box” but that should save you a few hours/days already.

I’m just unsure how I can share the sources easily while excluding all DB and Targets config.

Thank you for your help ! :slight_smile:

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Hi Jeoff,

Great to see you want to share a more extensive login boilerplate! It will be definitely useful for many people.

As for sharing a database schema, currently the way is just to export the schema sql and provide it. A visual drawing of the schema might also help the users understand it better.

Other possibility is if you use docker for the local development, you can save you whole project with the docker settings and database structure! There is a save database icon on the docker toolbar that will preserve the database schema and data, so that it gets initialized with it if instantiated again.

Advantage of the docker project is that you have webserver and database ready so everybody can just copy the project and run it!

You can even share it on github and everybody can clone it as new project.

Just make sure you commit the .wappler folder as all settings are in there and also that you just have local docker targets defined and not custom remote ones.

I’m not using docker yet as I know I’ll have to spend a few hours to setup my local environment and install phpmyadmin. So I’m still working on an online sandbox (custom target).

Maybe the fastest route would be to share the files on github and include dummy config file to edit while excluding my custom target and config files.

Is there anything else than the DB config file(s) in dmxConnect\modules\Connections and the project.json file that need to be “anonymised” in the repository ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can now clone the project from here, I included 2FA as well :