Use of Offcanvas help

HI Guys,

I’m using PHP and Mysql

Just set the scenerio, I have a table that is dynamically getting its data from a mysql table. On each row of that Table there is a button that when selected will open up an OffCanvas where I want the data of that row to be shown in the off canvas.

Of course there will be multiple rows meaning multiple lines of different data.

Somehow I need to pass the data and update the Offcanvas which inside will have a form to allow the users to update and then save the information (That bit is easy)

I really would appreciate any support anyone can help me on how to achieve this? I’m assuming it will be a mix of PHP and Ajax but I’m not really sure.

Any direction will be greatly appreciated.

You will need to add Data Detail to populate the OC.

You can follow the principle involved by viewing this video

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