URL SPA routing broken since upgrading to 6.6.1

My URL SPA routing broken since upgrading old Wappler PHP application to 6.6.1. For example this the error message: URL 404 Not Found , but this the correct URL which works when I correct it on the browser: secretdomain.com

Is it the rewrite that do not work or the javascript not loading the correct url?

The rewrite is not working. If I manually insert the missing 'home' it works.
the Error path: ./updatepwd/ the correct path for browser is: /home/updatepwd works
the Javascript is Change Password
RewriteRule ^/?home/updatepwd(?:/)?$ home.php [QSA,NC,L]

This was working before upgrades from v4 to v6.6.1.
Several links are giving the same error message, page not found, because they are missing 'home' in the path.

Below is also in the home.php file:

<div is="dmx-route" id="updatepwd" path="/updatepwd" url="spages/spaChangePassword.php" dmx-on:unauthorized="scLogOut.load()" onshow="serverConnectLoaders();"></div>

Not sure if I understand it correctly, but from what I understand is that probably the links are not navigating to the correct url. So the url should be /home/updatepwd but you get navigated to /updatepwd. The rewrite rule looks correct and the route component also seems good.

Can you post the html of a link that's incorrect. Also check if there are meta tags with the name ac:base and ac:route in your html and post them here.

I had to restore an old backup to resolve the problem as it was getting worst. When I login to the Web page it immediately closes and takes me back to login page. I may have tried to generate route and it caused this problem. I need a good documentation on Wappler Routing to understand how it works.