Urgent - infinite loop help!

I have an infinite loop that sen emails. How to stop?

Switch to you environment, which sends emails in loops and click - stop all services

is PHP

Usually php actions timeout after 30 seconds, so it should stop by itself.

It not stop. I have 1370 mails and i continue to receive.

Try to restart your server/VM where your PHP web-services are running.

I have a managed cloud server

So what?

I can’t restart the cloud

Every cloud server allows you to restart your owned VM/Service.
Please read documentation to the cloud service that you’re using.

Delete the offending Action from the host server. And as George said it should time out.

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My managed cloud dont’ offer this possibility. Only the provider can restart the cloud. I dont know why.

Would be my advice.
Or backup the database table and temporarily remove the email adresses.
Whateever is required to fail the sending.

Deleting the server action is unlikely to stop the current execution as the script is already loaded in-memory

Meanwhile, hope he contacted the host to restart the server or something

Yes I contacted the host and they restart the server. The problem is solved. Thanks to all.

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