Upload Image Successful, Resize throws and error apparently on the "Load Image" Step

It has been incredibly simple to create image uploads, dropzones, and even adding uploaded images to a database with Wappler. We can’t seem to get the Resize Image step to work. We followed the step-by-step instructions here: Resize Image and Create a Thumbnail on Upload & watch vids on YouTube and dmxZone with no luck. Upload image works fine but the image does “not” resize. We ripped out the resize image and save image steps in an attempt to track down the error and believe the load image step is causing the error. We have tried multiple alternatives and we are not sure but the Expression in the Load Image Step doesn’t seem correct to us. Below are screen shots of our config and error.

Would really appreciate any guidance you could provide so we can get the resize image step to work. Thank You in advance for your assistance. BTW Congratulations on including Summernote, it seems like a very simple and elegant solution! :grinning:

I’ve had issues in the past with rights on the folders. there is usually a temp folder that images are resized at. I usually call mine DMXtemp, or something like that. It will need full read/write/update/delete rights on the folder. And also make sure the folder you are writing too also has full rights on it.

Your load image expression is wrong.

I see image1.path0 ?

Thank You baub, Excellent point. I double checked and the two folders we are configuring following the docs Resize Image and Create a Thumbnail on Upload have the correct permissions 0777 to upload files. I double checked just to make sure by ripping out the resize steps and was able to successfully upload files to both folders.

Thanks George, The path you mentioned is the path I got using the Dynamic Data Picker. I also manually inserted {{upload1.path}} with and without brackets and that failed as well.

The image is being uploaded to the folder configured in the File Upload step at full size. Nothing is being uploaded in the folder configured in the Save Image step. Both folders have 0777 permissions and accept file uploads when the resize is not configured. On the front end the progress bar seems to work but we do not get notified the file was uploaded successfully.

When we delete the Load Image, Resize Image & Save Image steps the front end progress bar works and we get notified of a successful upload and the image is uploaded to the server as expected.

Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated. Thank You in advance for your assistance.

should your path be from the POST variables and not the output variables?

How is your upload step defined? What’s used as an expression?
What George mentions is on your first screenshot it shows a wrong expression in the load image step: {{upload1[0].path}} - this should just be {{upload1.path}} - select it using the data picker.

Thanks baub, Really appreciate your efforts following this issue. I’m going to do my best to answer your question and Teodors with screen shots in the next reply to Teodor. Thx Again, Love the Wappler Community!

Hi Teodor, Thank You for your prompt reply and assistance. The screenshot you mention above that shows the expression {{upload1[0].path}} in the image load step was generated by the expression builder using the dynamic data picker. We also manually configured the expression to {{upload1.path}} following the docs (as shown below) and that also failed:

Here are our 4-Server Action Steps + Error Messages Generated:
STEP-01-File Upload (by itself Successfully uploads files to server :+1:)

STEP-02-Load Image (seems to be where the error is coming from)

STEP-03-Resize Image (demonstrates our objective of a 300px wide image)

STEP-04-Save Image

STEP-05-Check Server Action Step Results in Browser

STEP-06-Turn On Debug and Test Again in Browser (shows Invalid Path!)

STEP-07-Turn to the Absolutely Awesome Wappler Community
This has got to be something we are doing wrong on our end. The File Upload (Step-01) was configured in a matter of seconds with a few simple clicks of a mouse in Wappler and is rock solid even across browsers and devices, AMAZING! :grinning:

Any assistance or guidance you could provide on the Resize Image Step would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance for your time and efforts.

Thank You @baub @george and @teodor for your kind support. Discovered I was fighting multiple problems. We lost ownership of the folders on Cpanel was the biggest. Our server Guru ran an ownership reset and almost everything was working as expected however we still had some connection issues with the server. While searching the community I discovered a post by teodor about the “Web Server URL*” in the “Project Settings” being required by the Javascript that does the magic of Wappler. Our ISP uses a very long funky temporary URL that I believe was contributing to our connection issues and has been causing problems such as not always saving files to the server. Once we configured a real URL everything we have configured so far in Wappler has worked the first time. That usually doesn’t happen in my limited development experience but, that is why we chose Wappler. Thanks again!

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