Upload files on Save

I notice this is mentioned as a new feature in 1.0.4. I would rarely want such an option and would certainly turn it off as the default.

I haven’t had a chance to try the new version, but is the new feature an option or optional? Assuming the latter, where can it be disabled?

Perhaps this feature is related to the new issues regarding FTP uploads.

Hello Tom,
Auto upload on save uploads the file to the selected target. So there is no issue using it - when working on the local target it will be uploaded to there - it won’t upload the file to all targets (remote, production).

If you haven’t updated yet, I’d suggest holding off. Wappler is broken right now.

Thanks Teodor. That’s good to know.

I haven’t really tried out the FTP facility in Wappler since it seemed it was only possible to upload the whole site (which is something I would almost never want to do). If this was the case, does this new feature mean it is now possible to upload just the current file (by changing the target and saving the file)? Or was it already possible?

Uploading the single file has always been available in the file panel.

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Just the same way as in DW you can click a file in the file panel and click the upload button (again uploading to the selected target)

Thanks Brad - and Teodor. I should have paid more attention. I seem to remember discussion about everything being upoaded .

Thanks too for the warning. Unfortunately I just updated to the new version…

Well a fix is coming in like 2minutes :slight_smile:
sorry about that.

It does seem somewhat broken. Query builder doesn’t seem to work - I can’t add columns to a new query.

@TomD the issue @brad mentioned was related to the FTP upload…

Yes, but he also mentioned that Wappler was ‘broken’ and I was agreeing. I’ll wait for the update and reinstall etc. before raising an issue regarding query builder.

By “broken” he means the FTP functionality is broken… Query builder works just fine.
BTW version 1.0.5 is already available, so please update.

OK. But it doesn’t for me. I can choose tables and columns in Query builder, in the left hand pane, but nothing happens if I click the + button to add them to the query.

The site was set up in DW originally, not Wappler. I’ll install 1.0.5 and try again. If it still happens, I’ll try to identify the circumstances. I do this later or tomoroow and let you know if I can’t track the problem down.

I know it’s not related to the original topic, but just to let you know that I can add fields in Query Builder now. I don’t know what fixed it. Assuming it was nothing in the most recent update, perhaps it was the process of uninstalling/reinstallig that fixed it.

When it wasn’t working, the left hand panel behaved as usual and ‘querying database’ appeared as I selected a table. However, apart from not being able to add columns to the query, the right-hand panel looked unusual: there were no striped rows or column dividers and ‘SELECT*’ didn’t appear initially. Now that it’s working, I realise how it looked odd/different before.

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