Upgrading to a Business plan

Hi there support,

I'd like to upgrade my Wappler Pro Individual Monthly 2019 account to a Business account yearly and add a second license for an employee. But when I follow the steps in account5.wappler.io, my subscription seems to stay at the old plan.

Please help so we can get our new employee working with Wappler :smiley: :tada:

Thanks in advance for your response.



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You need to upgrade your license first:


And then you can get an extra license:

Thank you for your swift response, @Teodor. I understand. but the issue is that upon clicking 'Update now', there is some loading. And after that I go back to the Your Subscription screen and the subscription has not been updated.There is no error in console or network tab.

Seems that additional user action is required for the payment and the account page isn't correctly setup for that. Do you see a pending invoice on the account page, it should have a link to the payment page. I can also send you the link in a PM if needed.

I will have to update the account website, but that will not be finished today.

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That was it! So in both cases, first the subscription upgrade and second adding the 2nd license, I had to go to payment and pay the invoice. Now all seems good. Thanks for the quick support :heart: :+1: