Updating DWCS6 Older Extensions with Current Extensions

I have a number of websites built with DWCS6 using older DMX extensions. You say that I can now interchangeably import DW sites directly into Wappler v1.0.2 if they use the newer extensions. How would I go about determining which extensions need to be replaced so the site will open in 1.0.2?

Once I know which extensions need to be replaced, do I then simply use DMXzone Extension Manager to update the DWCS6 sites? Will the webpages using the older versions be automatically updated or must I manually update each relevant page?

Hello Randy,
By “newer” extensions we mean the app connect and server connect based ones. Wappler is based on them.

If your sites are using older extensions, like the ones based on the old DW server behaviors - there is no way to magically convert them. Same goes for sites using extensions like Advanced HTML Editor 3 and/or Online Page Editor.
If your sites are working fine but you want to update them, you should build them from scratch.

Also - the extension manager does not convert or update anything on your pages - it just installs/updates the extensions in DW (not altering any of the pages).

Exactly what I wanted/needed to know. Thanks for the ultra fast reply!

While I have you, would you help me with a nagging issue. When I open in Wappler a new project and create a new page, I cannot get the highlight (which contains the +, trash, duplicate and up-arrow icons) to show in the design screen when I click on the Body or any other App Structure features in the right column.

The highlight displays fine in any of the default example projects that come with Wappler.

What am I doing wrong?

Have you added the App Connect Framework and Bootstrap Frameworks to the page?

Yep. I added the App Connect and Bootstrap 4/Local frameworks. Still cannot get the highlight to display in the Design window.

Solved: I wasn’t starting with an empty folder. The folder I selected was from a previous test and already had bootstrap, css, dmxAppConnect, img, and the js folders in it. After I deleted all and started over, creating a blank page and adding framework 4 and then the App Connect, the design screen displayed the element highlighter (or whatever the correct term is). So, you cannot have previous Wappler components in a selected folder when starting a new project or the element highlighter will not display plus a boatload of other issues may also occur.

Hello Randy,
As explained in your other topic:

Wappler automatically detects if you are opening an old project and loads its settings. This does not cause any issues.

Your issue was probably caused by some other issue.

This is exactly the issue that I have. What could we be doing wrong. I started a new folder and new project.