Updates Still Failing

Received a notice that the Wappler had a new update. Clicked the download now… Received a notice that it was ready to install and … see video clip to understand the result.Recording.mp4 (48.7 MB)

Have you checked the virus checker?


This is a false mentioning @ben , there is no virus in Wappler. Also JR is on a Mac.

@revjrblack this happens when a previous update fails. try to do a full download and install indeed. Do make sure Wappler is fully closed by the tray icon before you can replace it.

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We will give that a try ( the close first option ) on the next update. Thanks!

Sorry @George for creating the impression that the file contains a virus, it is just that my virus checker is overzealous. It takes about an hour for Avast to come back with a green tick after which I can install Wappler. I have been getting this with every Wappler update, when I am anxious to try the new version, I will stop Avast from monitoring.

My purpose for showing this was to highlight that a Virus Scanner could be a problem as in my case.