Update the database using Wappler and now it wont connect Wappler Freezes


Anyone else having issues I Updated the database in Wappler Using Node and MySQL by adding 2 new tables in the current version 3.7.4, on upload it got stuck with the following message. Wappler then becomes unusable.

query stuck

I had to close it down and restart and then the database comes up but without the updated new tables - which do exists. Looking at the database thorough Navicat it updated. as expected and the changes are listed in Wappler.

I hit refresh or make any change and then I get this "Query Database Sche… spinner. - have to close down Wappler again to restart and unfreeze it.

When I restart and check the database on first load it is all OK…

But hit refresh with the hope it will show the new tables I get the same.

It is unusable at the moment, just by adding a 2 new tables.

How do I fix this??

I was tearing my hair off with this all night yesterday… not sure what’s going on. But inside your project after you backup what you need, get rid of /.wappler migrations and connections, make sure you have a db name even if your connection is OK, and try again.

I also removed Wappler and installed it again.

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Hi @izzy

Thanks for that.

I removed the migrations from the file and from the database record and no joy :weary:

So I removed the database connection after the above and then just resaved the database again from the main project Targets and it worked.

Connection new and now all working again!

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Hi @StevenM I’m having the same problem, reported as a bug here.

@George tagging due to another user having this issue, but also StevenM found a way to resolve which might help in debugging.

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could you click on the error “Unable to connect…” to see the detailed error below in the properties panel?

Hi @George

No the whole of Wappler was frozen. The only thing I could do was close it from the main menu.


Just had the same today (Node/ Windows 10) when adding a new table to an existing database via table manager

This happens only if you have chosen the specific MySQL 8 db type in your connection.

But it will be all solved in the update tomorrow.


Yes I use MySQL 8 and get the same error. Change the option to MySQL / MariaDB fixes the issue. I wonder how in every update, when you fix problems and add new features, there’d be random unrelated new bugs emerge.

This has been fixed in Wappler 3.7.5

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