Update database table form not working

Have followed the ‘Creating an database table update form using bootstrap generator and server connect’ but the resulting page does not update the mySQL database table. I’m using Wappler 1.7.1 and PHP 7.2
The form is being popluated with the correct information using the id field from the database. Change the id value and the correct information is loaded into the form so my queries seem to be working correctly.
I’ve followed the instructions to add the Database Update Query and the conditions are correctly set by Wappler.
I’ve added a success and error notification to the form, the success notification is trigger when I select the save button.
I can insert a new record into the database using the form generator from a different page so my system setup seems OK.

No sure where to look now to locate and fix the problem. Any suggestions appreciated

Please check the following article and see if there's an error returned from your server:

Thanks Teodor

The debugging tool seems to indicate the update process has been successful.

Any other suggestions.


Are you sure the record is not just saved?

Seems everything goes just fine.

Otherwise post the a screen of your server connect actions tree and also the screens of the insert action

Hi George
The record is not being saved, checked the database itself rather than relying on refreshing the page.
Screen shots below of my actions.


i’m having the exact same problem so looking forward to seeing how to fix. Thanks,

Hello @marsalstudios,
Please do what described here and report the error you see:

Thanks Teodor, most helpful. My record wasn’t updating because of an offending field (date_created), format error which is a timestamp in the database and obviously not needed for the update record. When I got rid of it in the form, everything worked!! I obviously need to have success and fail behaviors added in the form.

I think the debug moded and deverloper tool on the browser was great in identifying the problem. Loving this more every day!


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Yes, the debug option is really useful for troubleshooting problems related to server actions :slight_smile: