Update Chart.js library

Please update Chart.js library.

The current version in Wappler stable channel is v2.9.4 / Oct 19, 2020
Current version of Chart.js is v4.4.0 / Aug 24, 2023

There are many reasons, so I think it is unnecessary to describe why.


For the App Connect 2 we are going over all our extensions to update. I’m already working on the chart and have updated the Chart js version to 4.4.0, code has been updated to match the new App Connect 2 api and updated Chart api.

You can test it out if you want, requires App Connect 2 Beta

dmxCharts.zip (77.0 KB)


Hi @patrick, thanks for that, Unfortunately I can’t test it right now because one of my custom app connect extensions not work on App Connect 2. So, I can’t change to Beta channel.

Well you should upgrade those as soon we will be making app connect 2 final and you want to have everything working with it. The writing custom app connect 2 components docs are already updated for the needed changes.

The charts component has been updated to the latest version in Wappler 6 beta 10.

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