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I followed the tutorial on Unsplash. I am only having trouble to get further to what has been done there. How do I connect to a self-made collection on Unsplash or to whoevers collection, instead of getteing general images, which are by the way beautiful, but not… controled (by me ;-). Any help apprciated, maybe too specific on the other hand I have the idea lots is made and I have no clue what to do with it

Peter Broekman


Hi @peterbroekman
I strongly suggest checking the Unsplash documentation: https://unsplash.com/documentation#get-a-collection

It’s explained pretty nice there how to access different things.


yes well that is what I mean, been there, for me it is too general / goes to deep too fast. I see this: GET /collections/:id
and I see Json. I think the Json is generated (somehow)


I think comparable to what I get here…

But again no clue where to put GET /collections/:id.

I have the idea I should change the url, but how???



It’s just the url for the api …


where the 12345 is the ID of the collection which photos you want to get.

That’s not really related to Wappler or API Connection component, please always make sure understand the documentation of the API you are using.


yes well again I cannot find it in the API (the docu you sent, i read already for 4 hours, I do not get it) and I tried below also already, but then I get below error. It’s great that I can use api’s, but new to it and again no clue how to come further. If you have suggestions great, if not understandable.

delivers me:


I and that is actually yet another question … have the feeling that the we unleash the key in the source code and that is not allowed?

Note: both your Access Key and Secret Key must remain confidential.


The collection ID you are using is wrong :slight_smile:
Try with this one for example: 357525 it returns lots of photos.


First of all wow, see below at 3 :slight_smile:

two remaining questions:

  1. i did not really use now your GET and so forth code anywhere, so any clues what i can do with those. Again full understanding if not your interest / wapplers,
  2. do we unhide the access key if we do it like this as anyone can have a look at inspect source? See second picture…I think this is a valid wappler question as the documentaion leads to poeple unhiding the key?


and get this beautiful cars as intended


I see unsplash uses Json, should I make a Json file first and refer to the files via the Json documentaion you provided (and which I managed to have dat on my page). Appologies for being a dumb-ass.



No Peter,
you use API Data Source for services using API. It reads their JSON responses and you bind them on the page, as you just did already.

JSON data source is used for JSON files hosted on your server.


Ok thanks Last 3 questions, can you please try to answer all 3? I leave you alone after that.

  1. if you like to give me a last hint (dont shoot me) on WHERE in my code I can use their code

or what I can do with below… i have the idea i completely miss the possibilities of wappler here.

  1. is it allowed to have the key visible on the page (via inspect source) as is in Wappler documentaion?



strange, i placed myself in a position thinking that i was the only idiot not getting it with regards to unsplash Api, but now 1.7.3 update shows all my questions were like very valid. Thanks for the update George, this is workable where the previous version was less workable.