Unify File Save Notification

Wappler Version : 2.4.5
Operating System : Mac 10.14

Expected behavior

The notification within the editor, that indicates a file has been successfully saved, should be triggered the same for server actions and front-end pages.

Actual behavior

When saving a server action file, the notification of successful save is shown AFTER the file has been uploaded to the target. However when saving a front-end file, the notification is shown BEFORE the file has been uploaded to the target.

How to reproduce

Save server action and front end files with the output panel displayed and notice the difference.

Really, just a quality of life bug, but likely simple to fix.

The reason this matters is that while editing, the user can quickly toggle between editor and browser to check changes that cannot be checked within the editor itself (due to server action restrictions.) I find I often reload the browser window before the file has been upload, because I catch the file saved notification. The result is either a corrupt load, or a page load without the change. This doesn’t happen on the server as I wait for the file saved notification which is after upload.

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