Understanding simple app flow

Hi All

I am trying to recreate the following:

In the main app SPA file (index.html)

I fetch data from an API end point.

The data gets returned as an object.

I then save the data to a variable “Mydata” that is available to all the pages of the app.

Then add some more data to “Mydata”.

Later in the app I access “Mydata” either as an object or in some case individual value in the object.

Note: I can not use local storage or cookie storage.

I know how to do this as plain JS want to learn how to do this via Wappler



Create a data store or array component, based on the type of object “Mydata” is, in the main page of SPA.
On success event of the server action / API which fetches you the data, store the returned data in “Mydata”.
You should be able to access this component on all SPA routes.

If the object you are talking about is something custom, you might need to go with a JS based solution.