Understanding Server Connect and APP Connect

Hello everyone
I’m new to Wappler and this tool is surprising for the speed in having the design of a website or even an APP.
I am a developer and I work on the code to make my sites.
I would like to understand the operation of Server Actions and Steps.

  1. For each action on a page how to connect to the database, insert, delete or even read and show data from a table do I have to have an Action Step? In the Conect Server you have the options to add and create folder. What’s the difference between these options?
  2. What is APP Conect for?
  3. Do you have APP Connect on the page to interact with the database?

Dear Nussemeyer,

Wappler consists in two main pillars:

ServerConnect and AppConnect

ServerConnect is managing all the server-side application (db operations, files operations, mailer etc) AppConnect is managing all the front-end work.

If you need to perform a query in a database (for example) you must create your ServerConnect script. then add it to AppConnect. Then ServerConnect will perform the query in the database and will pass the answer to AppConnect, who will take care to visualize it in the page, well formatted.

You can manage your ServerConnect scripts doing folders to better organize them. You can use also the same ServerConnect script in different pages.

The best is to read the docs at: https://community.wappler.io/c/docs
It is interesting also watching: DMXzone Videos at: www.dmxzone.com (Wappler is an evolution of DMX Extensions).

and follow our community-driven website at:

wapplerunwrapped.io and learnwappler.com/

Another channel is the community itself.

have a good day