Unable to use the Wappler FTP to upload files to the server

Hello Fellow Wapplers,
We have been unable to use the Wappler FTP to upload files to the server with “Newly Created” projects for about a month. FTP in projects created a month or so ago “seem” to work fine. We have been checking and searching the community for answers and were thrilled to see " FTP Manager * Fixed upload of single files when their containing folder didn’t exists on remote yet and experimental features were on." updated in the recent Wappler v2.8.4 update but we are still experiencing the same issue (with or without experimental features on).

I am confused because FTP tests successfully in Wappler’s Project Settings, Filezilla works as expected and projects created over a month ago successfully upload to the server using Wappler.

This has to be something I did to the Wappler configuration someplace but I have no idea what and wanted to reach out for guidance. Is it time to delete and totally reinstall Wapper or do you have any other suggestions. Thank You.

If the test runs fine - then what exactly the issue you are having is? Can you please explain this a little more detailed as “We have been unable to use the Wappler FTP” doesn’t really help to identify the issue.

Thanks Teodor, We cannot upload files to the server using Wappler. Files save successfully on the local machine but do not upload to the server. Highlighting the file in the project folder and clicking the upload button (up arrow) doesn’t upload files to the server either.

Well can you check the terminal at the bottom for errors?
Also are you sure the target selected in the target dropdown is actually your remote/ftp target as on your screenshot it’s set to LOCAL ?

Here is the Connection Test in the terminal, will send remote target shortly.

How about selecting your files/folders and clicking upload?
Or just publish your site?

Here is the remote target directory

Not sure what are you showing me your screenshots?
Select your local files and hit the upload button. They will be uploaded to the remote server (which is selected in the bottom target menu)

The uploaded files will be listed in the terminal…


All I can say is I’m glad it is Friday. To my complete surprise, Clicking on the Files folder then upload actually worked. I have no idea why it didn’t work before? :confused: Have you seen anything like this before or is it just me? I’m afraid to hear your answer.

Thank you for your prompt and patient response. I love Wappler and where you are headed with it and can’t wait to learn enough to give back to this fabulous community. That is unless the community kicks me out first. I’m going to create a new project and repeat my steps to see if I can recreate this issue. Thx again!

Looks to me as if your target initially was set to local in the first screenshot. Later screenshots show target was set to remote “imgresiz”. In my experience it will auto upload only when target is set to remote. But I may be mistaken (happens more often than I would like to :sweat_smile:)

Thanks web-works, good catch! :clap: I missed that altogether. I am troubleshooting now and will add that element to my testing regime. Really appreciate your support.

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