Unable to Set Query Field as Server Connect Filter

Trying to set the input parameter Track for server connect as the query variable set in App Connect.
But it just clears the field. I even tried typing query.track manually, but its getting deleted.
Both variables are of Text type.


Please help.

Hi, please make sure that in server connect “track” get variable is in lowercase.

That worked.
Why do I have to keep them same? Aren’t both different variables? One is in server connect and other comes from URL parameter.

I don’t understand your question?

The get variables in server connect must be in lowercase as then they are used as HTML attributes on your page and HTML attributes should be in lowercase only.

Now I understood the requirement of lowercase. I thought you were asking to make the App Connect query variable and Server Connect GET variable to be of same name.
I named it as trackID earlier. Have changed it to tracking now.