UI Zoom wishlist

Hi there! I’m getting to know Wappler and I’d love to have a UI zoom in/out option :slight_smile:

Can you please explain a little more detailed what exactly would you like to be able to zoom?

Was about to post this. Some more details and screenshots would be better.
Maybe express your idea using Pinegrow you were refering to.

Hi @teodor and @sid. Sorry for my poor explanation. What I meant is the possibility to zoom in or out the Wappler UI itself as Pinegrow allow us to do. That is really useful as we can have more space and elements that fit our window size:

Pinegrow with its UI at 100%:

Pinegrow with its UI at 50%:

Not ideal, but for what its worth Wappler does scale properly with Windows Scale feature. I have mine set at 150% due to being a 4K 32" monitor and 100% scale is too small

Wappler indeed scales well with Windows settings.

But, having a separate control on app level does not hurt. I think it could be useful where screen resolution is low.

Given the architecture on which Wappler is built on, separate windowing is not possible right now. So this at least allows to get more design/code area in the same window.

Absolutely. Just thought I’d mention as a stop-gap solution. Not all programs scale well unfortunately