UI support for database transactions

It would be great to have UI support for transactions. So if at any point of a SC there is an error you can run a rollback over previous database operations in that same SC.

I believe Knex provides support for transactions.


Would a custom query to begin/rollback or commit call a within a Library action do the job just as well?

As far as my testing goes, unfortunately not. If two HTTP requests come in, two BEGIN statements may be called sequentially, they’re not blocking and both run at the same time, throwing warnings at the database logs

I have a feeling transactions must be wrapped and sent in “one-shot”

Fair enough.

It’s been a while, but with the roadmap being heavily discussed thought this could do with a bump - still very much a desirable addition in my book


Another bump

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hI @bpj, you know if there is any news, about transaction control? To use with MS SQL and Wappler? Tks!

Nothing yet, would definitely be a welcome addition so very much worth a bump :+1:

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Database transactions are now available in Wappler: