UI extensibilty

We are getting SC, AC and Framework extensibility.
I just opened this FR Inspect flag to debug that gave me an idea.

Why not UI extensibility at some point? We can create custom buttons and icons with custom commands and custom states that could be responsive via API query or hooks(via ngrok’s type apps or local server and some tunneling). Even build some sort of workflow similar to AC flows.

We could run local commands(server, compose), builds, tests, CI/CD. Possibilities would be endless.

Well eventually we can go there :slight_smile:
But our first priority is to offer our already very extended UI builder with the Hjson definitions.

We just show you 5% of it for Server Connect :slight_smile: - so wait to see it all :slight_smile:


Of course. It’s not for yesterday or tomorrow :smiley:

But as I know that you guys have a good thought process regarding big pictures I just wanted to log this idea.

Sorry. Can’t wait :slight_smile:

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