TypeError with 6.2.0

After updating to 6.2.0 I am getting this error again on new projects that contain modal components. In this case login components.

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘length’)

Are you on the beta or stable channel?

Framework 7 v6 and v7 are not working properly and according george it will be available in a future Wappler update.

Upgrade your Framework7 version to the latest (v8) or use v5

all farmework7 updates are already working properly and available in the beta channel

Sorry then, by the announcements and your last message I thought only v8 was fixed.

After switching to the beta channel and Framework 7 8.3.0 or 5.7.14 I get this error now.

Yes, I can replicate the issue.
From what I know, it’s related to F7 components, I don’t know exactly which one is yours on the last screenshot (your first one is about the login screen).

I’m preparing a list to open a bug report about it because each component throws a different error.
It seems something is broken on beta App Connect and all framework7 versions (5-6-7-8).

This is for example pull to refresh component:

This is for message component:

You can still use the stable version and 5.7.14 which works perfectly for me.

@patrick It’s ok if I prepare a list with each component and its respective error?
On stable and beta channel? Or just beta?

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Correct as @franse has posted.

If I switch to Framework 5.7.14 and the App Connect 1.4.12 on the stable channel then the modal Capacitor objects work. Any other combination including the ones on the beta channel do not work for mobile.

Here an initial update for several errors that were posted. The zip file contains update for Framework7 version 5, 6, 7 and 8. The update is only for App Connect 2 (Beta channel).

dmxFramework7.zip (105.7 KB)

Is App connect 2.0 working with all of Capacitor functions yet? I seem to remember that it was yet fully.

What do you mean with Capacitor Functions?
If you mean Capacitor plugins, yes, was working fine as far as I know with Wappler 6.2.0 or 6.1.3 (don’t remember)

The problem is with the Framework7 components (Action Sheet, Modal Sheet, Message, Login Screen, etc)

Thanks Patrick for all this stuff.
I will make a further inspection tomorrow at this hour. Unable to test it right now :frowning_face:

Fixed in Wappler 6.2.2

@patrick I take advantage of this unlisted topic:

 App Connect
 Version: 2.0.0-beta.21
 (c) 2024 Wappler.io
 @build 2024-01-10 16:04:47
 App Connect Framework7 v8 plugin
 Version: 1.0.0-beta.3
 (c) 2024 Wappler.io
 @build 2024-02-12 12:55:13

Everything works fine with most components.
On chrome preview, android preview, app debug/release.


  1. Toggle component:
  2. Calendar doesn’t set value:
<input id="f7calendar1" name="f7calendar1" type="text" is="dmx-f7-calendar">


Still testing all the components, let me know if you need something