TypeError question

Does anyone have an idea what these two errors might be? I have no idea what it relates to. I’m not getting any errors in code view, and I have no idea what it might be referring to.


Do you have a link to the live site? So we can see what is missing there.

I just uploaded it. I was building it locally. :slight_smile:

I didnt check your live site ( Im looking from my phone )
. I think you are using external js files … ?
And please check your css because I think you have some css errors too …

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I haven’t formatted it for phone yet. However, I’m not using external js or css for this. It is all 100% Wappler driven. The only addition I’ve made is in putting unique and sort() on some of the app connect stuff. (The select fields.) But I don’t think it is related to that as I removed those and it still gave the two errors.

Ok @drymetal, wappler team can check this error


Actually it is related to the select fields. I don’t know which one exactly, but 1 or 2 of them have null values in the array returned by the expression for the options.

Normally this should not be a problem and App Connect would ignore it, will see if we can improve the parser in App Connect.

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Hmmm. I should probably make those columns not accept null values then. I appreciate it Patrick.

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