Two same records saves in database


I have created a user register functionality on my web app. When submitted the form two same records added to database. There is no errors as well. What will be the problem that occurred to happen like this? i have followed this video to create user registration and it’s functionalities. but i have bit different form fields such as confirmation password and hidden filed for user role.

Would need to see your code to even try and help, or a screenshot, or a link to the video you speak of, unfortunately with this little information the answer could be anything from, you have two inputs with the same name="" or id="" or it could be that your insert value for $_POST inputA is set the same in two different table cells. So many things it could be to be honest. Try give some info or some screenshots, or links to where things can be found, or the only conclusion i can draw is that aliens invaded your code, haha. Look forward to seeing what it actually is.

Hi, thanks for your reply i found the mistake i did. which was the button set to submit instead of default. Now all working fine. I only have another question about binding database value to the listed checkbox, how it can be done? i’m searching nothing clearly explaining. Could you please help me with that?