Tutorials anyone? Trying to work out how to Insert a Record to mysql

Can anyone tell me when the documentation will be ready. Im new to Wappler and struggling to work out the steps to get a record to insert into MySql db.

Ive connected to the db ok.
Created a Server Action called Insert.
Created a Database Connection.
Created a Database Insert.
Manually created a form with a text field and a button.

then i get a little lost… :slight_smile:

Hi Jeremy,

Check out this video for the Dreamweaver version to see what you are missing. It may look a little different but the procedure is exactly the same.

That helps up until a point. As the video is for Dreamweaver and this is Wappler, which is quite different.

As i said before, i can follow the steps through for everything in the left hand panels, eg connect and database insert, but where i get stuck is the right panel, eg adding App Connect and then what comes next?

In the video it says choose the add symbol next to Text Data Binding, but i cannot see that in Wappler?

So then i add Bootstrap 4, then i click to add the Bootstrap 4 Form Generator - which then asks for a Data Source - which the opens up Data Bindings - but for me at this stage this is empty. So where do i setup the Data Binding info to then show here?

The form generator is not fully in Wappler yet. I see they released the BS4 Form Generator DW Extension today so I would assume that it will be fully in Wappler in the next update.

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Hi Jeremy,
In your case as you created your form - make sure it has a name and id, and the method is set to post then in Server Connect panel, click general at the bottom of the panel you will see an import form field button - just browse to your form and click the import button.
This will create POST variables from your form fields under Globals > $_POST.
In the insert step, assign these POST variables as values to the corresponding database table columns.

Then in app connect panel - select the form, change form handler to server connect, select your insert server action and you are done.

wow. thanks for that explanation - ill try and follow that in the morning and let you know how i get on.

Big thanks.

Hi Teodor.
I followed those steps through, but i must be missing something as when i hit submit on my form, it is not adding the record to the mysql db.

Can i send you my insert.php code perhaps? See if there is anything ive missed?

thanks again.

Please send me the link to your page as a private message, and enable the debug in server connect settings so i can check:

its setup locally on my macbook.

Well, please double check then if you properly bound the POST var imported from your form? Please check if your table doesn’t have any fields that require value maybe and you are not inserting anything there?
I cannot tell you what is wrong until i run the page in my browser and check the debug info.

ah thats was it, simply set null values on table and it now works. thanks for your help.

Are you going to be creating video walk throughs for Wappler, like you have for DMX extensions? That would really help. or screenshot walk throughs.

Hello Jeremy,
We are publishing our documentation later today. :slight_smile:

Hello @Jeremy_A , please check the documentation here: https://github.com/Wappler/docs/wiki

We will be adding more tutorials to it in our weekly updates.

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I just finished going through the initial documentation and found that it is easy to follow and pick up the flow of the product. It is a good job and answers a number of earlier questions. I would suggest adding a section of publishing development and production websites/apps.

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Will you be doing Documentation for Edit a Record?

Follow the steps in this video. It os for the Dreamweaver extensions so looks a little different. But the procedure is exactly the same.

Yes, this will be included in this week’s update.

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thanks guys!

sooooooo love this product!


How do i pass an id from one page to a detail page?

I have a page listing jobs, all have id’s.
I want to pass a rows id over to a detail page.
I have the detail page set up following the video example, but i cannot figure out simply how to pass the id to it in the first place.

The code on my list page, ive tried both these and it ignore the href.

{{jobid.toString().padStart(5, ‘0’)}}
{{jobid.toString().padStart(5, ‘0’)}}

We have not yet setup such a tutorail but it is the same as here: