Tutorial requested: Implement Push Notifications

Hey there! :wave:
Has anyone already tried to implement Push Notifications in their app using OneSignal or Pusher or another service?

I would love to see how you’ve done it with a course or tutorial or a guide… and I’m sure I’m not the only one interested in this! :grin:
For example, a perfect use case would be the implementation of the push notifications for a chat app (whatsapp like).



You are not the only one. Here is a thread to vote to implement push notification in wappler:

Also a How-to would be nice.


Haha, yeah, I know, I saw your message and I voted for this Feature Request some times ago.
That’s also why I created this post, a lot of people are looking to achieve this, so it require more visibility… :smiley:


Bump again :slight_smile:

Bump. Would love a tutorial too. Thinking of adding a mobile app to an existing Wappler project.

It’s a very very simple API at Webpushr. Shouldn’t require a tutorial. A screenshot of the API request should do it

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Followed the link to this result:

{“status”:“failure”,“type”:“header_invalid”,“description”:“Missing webpushrKey in header”}

That link is the basic Webpushr API call.

I think you’ve got some reading to do. I suggest starting here: https://docs.webpushr.com/introduction-to-rest-api

You certainly forgot to authenticate (use your token and API key): Authenticating API Calls - Webpushr :slight_smile:

I most certainly did. Another lesson in process