Turning hand drawing to layout into Wappler :-D

  1. User opens Wappler and chooses Template or Import from Sketch or Drawing
  2. User Uploads drawing to Wappler via (Sketch2Code API)
  3. User gets his WTF Wooooooow moment back and changes his new HTML Design to his needs

Try it
What you think about https://sketch2code.azurewebsites.net ?

Isn’t it amazing? :sunglasses:

And the also Alexa integration: “Alexa, create a container with 4 columns and set the background color to pink!”


Looks cool - I wonder how good the Microsoft AI is :slight_smile:

We are definitely looking to integrate more and more AI functionality in the future versions of Wappler so it gets even more easier to use and smarter as it will learn from your usage :slight_smile:



Maybe something Open Source....




No new release or YT video on sketch design to wappler?
Also need tutorial on : backend for customer to manage adding their own product and blog if making for a client? Do we have to build an external site like wordpress?