Trying to get to the title attribute of a select box in appconnect


Is there a way to get the title of the option selected in a select box. I can get the value with no prob but I would also like the title text. The values are coded into the local table not stored in a database. I can see where I can get it that way. Is that the only way or can it be done from the manually entered values.

If you can’t I’ll put the values in a db table but wanted to ask before I did that.

Thanks again,


Not sure how to do this with Wappler. Was going to suggest using variables setValue and comma seperated strings ‘Apples’,‘Nice Red Apples’ for the option values and then {{ selectedText.value[1] }} BUT it appears only numbers work not strings.

However getting the option title is dead easy with a couple of lines of jquery, which you’ll most likely have hooked up to the page anyway if you’re using the current version of Bootstrap:

var selectedText = $("#selectID option:selected").text();

<div class="result"></div>

Anyhow its an option. Maybe someone else has come up against this at some stage and can provide a Wappler centric solution. I suppose normally you would expect the option value and the option title to be the same.


worked great. Thank you so much.