Translating Wappler docs & videos

:film_projector::studio_microphone:I guess it would be nice to translate the videos also from dmx zone, as they have already a narrated voice/separate text audio file.

@George my idea: As translation would scale up the community hugely why not provide some translation process. I mean for each language its the same process for example for the videos. Maybe these videos from dmxzone could be provided also with the text audio/description. So that process could be automated by google audio narration or some 3. party tools… and then corrected manually or reverse.

I guess that would be also possible for me as german speaking user. (affects also switzerland/austria)


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Good idea Freddy.

As the docs are now here in the forum as, we can also empower some translation engine and allow them to be available in multiple languages. There is a nice plugin for the forum that might just do the job:

As for the video translations - we have even bigger plans for that :slight_smile:

We might be able to build a screen recorder within Wappler :slight_smile: that will not only record the screen but also a script of actions - so it can be play-backed.

This will be very useful later on when we also translate the Wappler UI to different languages, you can just playback the video script and record it again :slight_smile: - should be really cool way in making learning videos.

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Wow,that sounds a amazing video idea @George. Can you have it ready for the 28th when i return :wink:

After gentle persuasion i finally talked wife around to taking a laptop only to find that it was bigger than the Ryanair hand luggage maximum and i would have to pay a fortune to have it put in the hold (and get it back in pieces no doubt) so no laptop after all.

Still be on forum via smartphone but no code access so wont be able to help much.


Guess we have lots of bi-lingual members who could assist in translations if needed (i can do English, Pirate and Geordie and a bit of bad French)
"Howay marra, let’s gan doon the toon for some beltas scran."


MS Translator/Azure isnt good enough, tried it over several blogs and weeks and google is more accurate.

I can translate most of the swear words in about 5 different languages if that helps. Maybe I should look for employment at thepiratebay haha