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I have developed a site manually and am wondering whether I should redevelop using wappler for robustness. Admittedly I am no expert but am worried the code and techniques are not up to scratch. It is a complex development (for me), this is where I am, and maybe I could use wappler to enhance the code especially on the DB query side. I used bootstrap 3 and manually coded everything else. From an enterprise perspective, I am worried that the code and methods are not up to scratch. I followed Paul Strydom’s tutorials to see that there are many better ways or methods to do this. So I’m looking at wappler to achieve better robustness. For non Db sites I like to use rapidweaver.

Test URL : https:/

Items to address

I need query with a random sort the questionnaire in a form I can return to the DB, this was difficult to code manually. Originally I struggled with this using Dreamweaver and missed the option to do a query to return a random result.
I used google charts to dynamically return information from the db to dynamically create a downloadable PDF.
I used mpdf to create the PDF.
I integrated paypal IPN for purchases
I need a lot of confirmation emails to be automatically triggered and to update the db.

Not sure this is all possible in wappler? Is wappler the right platform to optimise this application or do I stick with what I have?

Thanks, Paul Strydom for your insight via your tutorials. I see great potential for the future especially on the api side, for flights etc. I have a good project that could utilise that feature.

Maybe I go with what I have and don’t redevelop?

In any case, I see a huge future to use wappler for other applications. Anyway, any thoughts or comments are well appreciated.

Cheers Pat

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Hi Pat and welcome,
The only issue you may face is with .pdf generation (which may be on the horizon as there is a Feature Suggestion for this here on the forum), but then I’m sure it could be done by tweaking your current solution to work with Wappler. Everything else should be quite simple after spending a few hours using Wappler and asking a few questions here.

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@pmstevens welcome to the forum.
I would also consider recreating the layout in BS4. Wappler is based on BS4 and once you adjust your layout on BS4 you will save a ton of time by using all available Wappler’s components.

Other than that you will, very difficult, discover something that cannot be created with Wappler.

Thank you!


Welcome @pmstevens, i am very happy you enjoyed my tutorials and they helped give you some insights on how to use Wappler.
In my honest opinion, if your site is already developed and working, then great, keep it as is for now possibly, and take your time slowly redeveloping it in Wappler from scratch while your existing one remains running.
Wappler will certainly out perform some of what your manually developed site might do with their very refined and fast built in code, there will be an issue with PDF as mentioned above but I have used fpdf with Wappler rather successfully, depending on how I use it.
The thing that you will find though that will be your biggest help is this community, where you can ask if stuck and generally get brilliant help. When you manually code something, there is actually so much available help from youtube, stackexchange and the million other sources that it is actually difficult to know what would be the best solution.
Well thats just one mans opinion on it.


Hello, thanks all for your insight. Yes, I think I will go with what I have and in parallel redevelop the project using wappler.

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if you are going to use BS4 then go for it. wappler will make it easier to make BS4 sites using app connect.
and if you don’t like any part you can write your code. its not going to make an issue with wappler since its just standard HTML and JS

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