Transfer Pages between Projects


Is it possible to transfer pages and their App Structure between Projects?


Yes, you can copy HTML pages between your different projects folders. App structure is not something to be transferred, App structure is just showing what’s on your page.


So, if I transfer the HTML page with its code, I still need to rebuild its App Structure? Is that correct?

Also, can I duplicate an entire project?


No, App Structure shows what’s already on your page. It will show what you have there already - i.e. the same things you see in the project your are copying the html page from.


And duplicating a project?


What do you mean by duplicating it? What do you need to duplicate from the project?


I expect to recreate the same project for many different customers, each with different content, but I want to use the same code and App Structure as a starting to save the labor of starting from scratch for each new customer.


You can just copy everything (all files) from your project folder and paste them in another folder. This way you can reuse them.


Ok, great!


I have been thinking about this too after I could successfully finish my first Wappler project.