Top useful API list

Hello I just see that with Wappler and these powerful API possibilities are endless. Lets add some of your most useful APIs here. I just saw some of them and it would be nice to share and add these links here together. I guess that would be helpful for everybody!

Marketplace for API

Hi @Freddy_Blockchain

it is a very nice list. I found some on internet but this is look like much better.

In the meantime… why not give a try to FOAAS API at:

I found it yesterday…

Well I think I found the most great resource about API’s listing 19.764 of them:

and actually also have pretty good articles about what API’s really are:


These are pretty nice:

These are handy also:

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Here is also a nice list of APIs you didn’t know about :slight_smile:



:laughing::pizza: they must be fat then…

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My favorite is the corporate bullshit API :slight_smile: