Tool Tip Won't Disappear in Chrome v80 on a clicked `<p>` Tag

Wappler 2.7.0, Windows 10,
Viewing in Chrome Incognito Mode - Version 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

If I have a tool tip with the animation option set, then the tool tip doesn’t go away again when the mouse leaves the area of the item.

Turning off animation fixes this.

Not sure if it is a Chrome bug, or BS4 bug, but I’m guessing probably not a Wappler issue.

Can you please post the code of the element where you have applied the tooltip on, please - wrapped in ``` 3 backticks?
Or even better- can you provide a link where we can check this?

Hi there Teodor…

Here is the code:

<p class="action_right" dmx-on:click="all_contacts.update({id: id},{is_selected: 0})" dmx-bs-tooltip="'Remove from list'"><i class="fas fa-eraser"></i>Remove</p>

(Got the quotes around “Remove from list” right this time! :wink:)

Adding data-animation="false" fixes it.

I’ll upload the design later today for you to look at :slight_smile:

Tested your code and it works perfectly. Not sure what could be wrong on your page unless i inspect in in my browser.

BTW - Interesting solution for using a paragraph instead of anchor or button for action on click. Is there any great idea behind this?

Hi there @Teodor

Am doing some more testing, and I realise the issue happens when you click on the paragraph.

Hmmmm… :frowning:

Am using <p> tags as had lots of issues around strange borders I struggled to remove from buttons when they were clicked. I think I finally fixed it with some cunning CSS, but by then the <p> tags were there to stay in my design…

… but they could become buttons again if that fixes this problem!

Will be uploading the design for you to play with shortly.


No it’s not related - i was just curious.
I believe your issue is related to the paragraph focus state (fix in this topic):

This is because of the accessibility. The Bootstrap 4 framework adds these “borders” around focused elements, so when you navigate without a mouse you can see which elements is selected/focused :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update on that!

So will the focus/hover issue be fixed in 2.7.2 then, next week?

Yes, this will be improved.

Fab! :rocket:

BUMP - this issue is still persisting… is a fix imminent or do I need to find a workaround?

You can use the workaround i posted for now.