Toggle class of navigation include on page using browser componant

I have a sidebar php include on a page and want to toggle the active class based on the url using the browser componant. Have tried various like :


But no luck…

The quotes appeared as curly quotes in your post - but perhaps they just appeared like that. Did you try single quotes, like this:

Edit: in this case I think it should be ordinary single quotes:

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Thanks for help, but it does not work and wappler changes the code to "start.php" on select of the formatter.

ok, so the problem is using app connect componants in include files. To use the componants you have to add them in include, but they are also on the main page for instance browser componant, but after using it in include file you need to comment the componant tag out as it will not work being on main page and include file.

It is maybe something that can be built into Wappler together with the include tags at the top of the page of th eincludes file.

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We will be extending the include file support in the next update, to auto include the related files in the main page. So this should make working with include files/content pages - much more easier.

The design view will also render the components, even if you have the include file/content page only open with its partial content.


Is there anything the Wappler creators cannot do! YOU guys Rock! Like having a Web Dev Genie with unlimited wishes. Wappler - the gift that keeps on giving :slight_smile: Thanks @George


Hi @George, is routing SPA features part of the include File extension :blush:.

Not yet :slight_smile: - but it is indeed a preparation of using views for routing - as views will be just separate content pages.

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