Toasts or Bootboxes, is this possible?

Part 1: I have a ServerConnect that refreshes on a short interval. I’d like to display a Toast (preferably) or even a Bootbox when the data changes or has a new record added. Is this possible with the new Flows stuff?

Part 2: If this is possible is it possible to reuse the flow on all pages or as an include so that no matter what page is being viewed the Toast will pop up?

Sure just attach a flow on the server connect success dynamic event.

In the flow check the number of returned records in a condition and when new records - show a toast

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Thanks George, as long as I know it’s possible. I’d like to figure it out on my own but will be sure to ask questions if/when I get stuck.

Just one question to get started though, would I put my action scheduler inside the flow or run the flow when action scheduler clicks?

You should stick to flow actions inside flow. So all other App Connect components, like the action scheduler you should use as usual on the page.

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