TinyMCE Pricing - It Seems Very Expensive!

Does anyone have experience of using TinyMCE and seeing how the pricing works in reality?

It is based on the number of “Editor Loads”, and it’s not clear if one of these happens just one time as a user logs into your app, or every time they load new content into the editor.

There may be implications for how the code works which integrates it into Wappler as well, @George and @patrick

I want to be sure it will be affordable before moving over!

Do you need features that aren’t in the free version?

The issue is the allowed number of editor loads as my growing number of clients edit a lot of email content…

We’re using it in production with the cheapest plan, I believe $100 / m

It works well, but I also think the pricing is steep. For now I plan to keep it in more complicated editors (wher the user can edit emails) and use a different free one for simpler editors where adding line breaks, bolding text and creating list items is enough.


I thought it was open source and locally hosted. Is that no longer the case?

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I had initially assumed that too @sitestreet

Unless there is still an open source version? :thinking:

So that’s not the case? It’s planned to be added to Wappler in the near future, isn’t it?

There must be an open source version still around. I don’t think they can switch from open source to closed without rewriting it all.

Here we go…

Aah. Is there much added to v6 that v5 can’t do? I’m thinking that sticking with v5 would be the way to go.

Well MIT license is the most permissive license. So it is even better.
This is why we will be integrating the version with MIT license only - as you can do anything that you wish with it


Without any monthly costs?

Can you not offer an alternative tier and payment plan for these power users Antony? Maybe give them a store where they can purchase upgrades to their account… Would certainly subsidise your expenditure. We do this and its a fine source of revenue, you would be amazed at the numbers willing to upgrade for a couple of Euros a month extra.

It is mightly confusing to get my head around all of this… :exploding_head:

So @George, you will integrate version 6 which is not open source? The one which has a free and paid plans, and is monitored by TinyMCE for “Editor Loads”, which will put us from a free to a paid plan if we have over 1000 editor loads per month?

I’m really looking for the Power Paste and Spell Checking features for my users, which are only on the paid plans… :roll_eyes:

They try to push users to their paid cloud based product, all links link to the cloud version and not the open source version.

Here the link for the self-hosted version which is open source under MIT: Self Hosted WYSIWYG HTML Editor | Trusted Rich Text Editor | TinyMCE


Which I presume is what you are integrating, @patrick?

Do you sense that I can’t use the premium plugins with the self-hosted version?

That is what their website seems to say, but this article kinda implies you can…


I’d love to know if you can integrate PowerPaste into your deveiopment version @patrick!

PowerPaste is only available in the Professional level.

The non-Core, Premium features require a license key, so you will have to pay for them. I also want to use the premium features (comments and @menitons) and hope that enabling them will be an option in the Wappler integration, or at least be able to make the modifications outside of the UI.

OUCH - that pricing is painful!

clearing word formatting is even more painful :slight_smile: The pricing of this plugin should be even higher, if you ask me.
It should be forbidden by law to allow any user to paste word pre-formatted text into a WYSIWYG editor used to publish content on the web.

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This is painful too har har har…

Having end users post text into front end stuff is the absolute bane of my life. Some of that extraneous WORD code that goes in during the paste is nothing short of spectacular. In almost 100% of cases the users choice of titles, font, lists, layouts etc is seriously fugly.