Thinking of using less CSS. Is there a compiler built into Wappler?

I’m thinking of using less.js instead of the standard CSS (or maybe SASS or SCSS) but am new to this and wondering if there is any compiler functions built into Wappler? (especially now that Node.JS has arrived)

Or would i need to compile the files as per normal outside of Wappler?


Have a look at

ok thanks Ben i’ll check it out… sounds like though you’re saying that you’d need to use a compiler, such as Gulp (that you seem to use in this video)

I am using prepros (SASS, LESS) for this, and works great.

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Yes it turned out to be super simple. Can’t even remember how I installed it…but compiling the less was as simple as running 1 line the terminal.

I got pretty good at typing out lessc master.less master.css :grin:

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@t11, tell me, please, how can I combine several JS and CSS files into one using Prepros?