Then and else missing for the prompt component in flows

In flow editor, when you right-click on a prompt to add “THEN” or “ELSE” it pops up the add flow editor action modal instead of the option to add “THEN” or “ELSE” statement.

After right clicking on the prompt:

Then and else are added under a condition, so you need to add a condition first.

Until this last 2 updates, it was an option. The Prompt is a condition on its own and usually it has “Then” and “Else” where cancel triggers action b and Ok trigers action A. It was working until the last 2 updates. EVen now, it shows up but the action modal trumps it.

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Ah you mean the prompt component, ok I see. We will check that.

OK great. Thanks

I think you are confusing the “prompt” with “confirm”. Only in “confirm” there are conditional then steps available.

Otherwise indeed use the “conditional” action.