Theming does not work for Bootstrap 5 in NodeJS

OS info

  • Operating System : Windows 10.0.19041
  • Wappler Version : 3.7.0

Problem description

Theming does not work

Steps to reproduce

Hi Ben,
Theme Manager has been updated to support Bootstrap 5. Are you sure you are not using the CDN version, as the Theme Manager requires the local version of the framework?

Yes, positive.

Tested this and it works fine. Can you share some screenshots of your project setup?

Reinstalled Wappler, same result. Changed to a non-NodeJS project works fine.

I have changed the heading accordingly :+1:

So when is it not working exactly Ben?

When the project is based on NodeJS

Did you make sure that in the project options you have Bootstrap 5 selected as design framework?

Then just change anything in the theme manager - and the new theme should be generated in bootstrap/5/css/bootstrap.min.css

and you should get an notify.

I just checked with my node project and it was all fine

I think old age is catching up faster than I had hoped for.

Great addition (BS v5), thank you