Thema manager, navbar Bg has wrong value

Hi Ben, yeah, the navbar bg color worked and the active link worked, but I cannot change “1” to #fff on navbar dark, and the toggler is also black, and if i chose “navbar dark toggler icon bg” I get a nasty error and theme won’t compile:

it adds this instead of a colour “url(“data:image/svg+xml,”)”

so there is some bug there


What error exactly? Please show a screenshot of it and of what did you add in the theme manager?

uploaded, thanks

this is wappler 3.3.1 now as well but happened in earlier version

Yes i see the issue with the toggler icon property, @George will check it.
But the rest of the properties you added seem to work just as expected, i just tested this.

I cannot get navbar dark theme to have white nav-link text, as per the screenshots on the other post, there isn’t a “nav-link” section in the advanced theme manager, so in the screenshot you see the dark navbar (black) and the links are all dark on it as well, there seems noway to change them to another colour (that I can find)

Are you sure you understand what the nav dark properties are referring to exactly?
And actually, what exactly are you trying to customize/change?

its very likely I dont lol. I want a black navbar with white text and white toggle. So in my app I set the navbar to use dark theme and then in theme manager advanced I changed background to black (which worked), active text to white (which worked) but inactive and toggle are black.