The Wappler's philosophy

But you only beat me by a couple of years – I was a long time user of DMXZone, but not from the beginning, I don’t think, but at 72.5 I am trying to catch you for the other oldest title!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

respect you guys for chasing the technology.

i want to be like you when im your age :grinning:

I like Wappler’s philosophy. Having been forced to use Windows only to run Dreamweaver I am more than glad how ultra-fast Wappler runs on Linux. If one watches all the stuff around Adobe’s “Creative Cloud” installations you clearly see of how we are being watched by this monopolist company. It takes a lot of ressources away just to run one program.
I very much appreciate Wappler’s team’s efforts of creating a slim, modern and ultra-fast application for web-development - and listening to its clients, a feature Adobe lost many years ago.
Thumbs up on George, Teodor and the hard-working developers of Wappler!


I love your product and I love your methodology.


You beat me, January 2002!

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This is the best application that I have seen and use so far, you only need to understand it and follow, it is always evolving and growing and the support and the readiness of the team members is great. I am happy to be part of this great beginning. The releases are very apt and great, which is a direct response to the demands of the people…well done TEAM.,


Any chance you guys can share a bit of a road map and plans up to December 2018? Or are you playing by ear fixing bugs and lookings at feature requests?

When bugs are discovered they take our highest priority and we fix them ASAP. Implementing new features gets prioritized depending on the number of people asking for them. So the most votes on feature request the higher priority it gets.

As this is pretty dynamic workflow, we cannot bind it yet to a roadmap.

So do you want a feature to get faster implemented? Well pursue more people to vote for it :slight_smile:

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Will start adding my feature requests and voting for others. Can one make the available votes on the forum more in any way? Say allow user 5 votes per month instead of fixed limit? Thanks.

Votes count is greatly increased now @pixlapps and @brad


Makes me feel very old too.
March 13, 2001

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I first became a member at DMXZone in 2004 then my first purchase with them was 2005…!! Can anyone out there beat that?

I’ve been a member at DMXZone since October 2002 :wink:

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April 2003 for me

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