The Patrick-Teodor theorem

This is a comedy post, not intended to make sense

The Patrick-Teodor Theorem for Wappler Software

Let Wappler be a software tool for web development, and let X be a set of web development tasks. If Patrick and Teodor are two web developers who use Wappler, then for any task T in X, the Patrick-Teodor Theorem states that:

“The time required for Patrick and Teodor, working collaboratively using Wappler, to complete task T is inversely proportional to the complexity of T, and directly proportional to their familiarity with Wappler.”

Mathematically, the theorem can be expressed as:

Time(T) = k * (1/Complexity(T)) * Familiarity(Wappler)


  • Time(T) represents the time required to complete task T using Wappler.
  • Complexity(T) represents the complexity of task T, measured by the number of components, features, or intricacies involved.
  • Familiarity(Wappler) represents the level of familiarity and expertise that Patrick and Teodor have with Wappler.
  • k is a constant of proportionality that depends on the specific project and the efficiency of their collaboration.

In simpler terms, the theorem suggests that the more complex a web development task is, the longer it will take Patrick and Teodor to complete it when using Wappler. However, their familiarity with Wappler will make them more efficient and reduce the time required for the task.

This theorem underscores the importance of both skill and tool proficiency when using Wappler for web development and highlights the collaborative aspect of the software’s usage.


ChatGPT prompt:

Invent a theorem called Patrick-Teodor theorem that relates to Wappler software

Can you make a Patrick-Teodor theorem too?