The Installation of 2.5.0 Update Fails

Wappler Version :
Operating System : macOS Catalina 10.15.2

Expected behavior

What do you think should happen?

Click Wappler icon in menu bar, select Check for updates…
Download / Install Update

Actual behavior

What actually happens?

After checking again… this appeared.

After restarting the computer… and then opening Wappler. I tried again.

The result this time was the application was closed and the error message (Command failed: hdiutil att…) appeared again.

Might happen on Catalina. Try download and installing manually


Brand new 16" MB Pro with Catalina … updated no problem.

Old as Noah’s Ark 13" Mac Book Pro 2014 on Mojave updated no problem, i’m jealous @brad

On a second thought this might happen if the download was incomplete, so the attach of the downloaded DMG file fails.

Maybe we should verify more the integrity of the downloaded files before just mounting it

Update worked fine for me, too. Same spec Macbook as @brad.

I had the problem once @George, and it was still on Mojave, in fact I think it was 2.4.5, and although I knew the fastest way around it was to download from your site and manually install, instead I went to ~/Library/Application\ Support/Wappler/temp/ and did an MD5 checksum on it, and downloaded off your site, and compared checksums.
The update version was different, I deleted it from ~/Library/Application\ Support/Wappler/temp/, used the menu to say check for updates, and all worked as per normal.

Previously the problems was at the end on “detach” the image and we solved it.

Here is reported on the initial “attach” so I suspect one time corrupted download.

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I believe you’re on to something there. I am in a different location and the internet is not as stable.

Well guess what just tried it on my other mac, and no go, also Mac Os X Mojave, will try give you as much info as possible so you can track the issue easier.

Environment variables:

  1. Wappler 2.4.5 was open
  2. I clicked in my Menu Bar and selected Check for Updates
  3. A notification came up, I chose Download and Install
  4. After about 10 minutes the failure came up.

I did the same thing as previously and downloaded it directly, then tested the differences.

The filesizes and checksums are different, so not sure if there is a way for the update to check the checksum afterwards, and delete the file and re download if the file has been downloaded incorrectly.