Text input dynamic attributes not working

I have a input in a list element. When I click on the plus button for the “TEXT INPUT DYNAMIC ATTRIBUTE” nothing happens. Any Assistance will be appreciated.

there is no problem with dynamic attributes …

can you share screen shot

As you can see the plus icon turns blue but nothing happens

please check your html …

I have no error in the html that I can see. However when I manually add the code for the dynamic value it works. I have attached my entire page. Note this is a mobile app. edit-order.html.zip (2.5 KB)

maybe @Teodor can check this…

Is this only happening on Framework 7 pages? Do you have the same issue on pages using Bootstrap 4 pages also?

Well I am new the software and this phone app is my first. So unfortunately I have no bootstrap apps to determine. But thus far there are a number of issues building the phone app.This issue is just the biggest to me. Is it that my code has an error?

No, there are no issues with your code - just tested locally and i see the problem.
We will improve this in the next update.

This is great news. Thanks much