Text Edit Mode Often Not Working

I’m using:

Wappler 5.1.1
Windows 10

The issue:

I’ve noticed that when I first go into text edit mode all works well, but if I click out of the paragraph and a few minutes later click back in, I can no longer edit the text.

I can fix it by closing the file and re-opening it, but obviously this is very tedious…

Is this a bug or am I missing something in how this mode works? :thinking:

Am using 5.1.1, but it was the same in previous release 5 versions…

It seems to happen no matter where in the app structure the paragraph is placed.

I’m trying to create a lot of text content in the coming days, and will probably need to go back to another laptop with 3.9.7 on it to be able to edit with ease… :confounded:

Am hoping there is a quick solution!

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@teodor, can you help me to find a solution to this please? :pray: