Template system

Do you have a template system same DW Template regions ???

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I don’t think there are any templates in a way DW creates templates. I am almost sure you can import any kind of page made in DW to Wappler. To create a ‘template’ in Wappler you should use ‘includes’. Sorry in advance if I am wrong. Developing with PHP and with the use of ‘includes’ is how I create ‘templates’. Never tried to do that with a static html page and Wappler.

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You are correct. Includes is definitely the easy to go.

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To insert a NAVBAR which file do you suggest to include? HTML or TXT? I noticed that if I include an HTML or PHP file, the system will still generally include the html and body TAGs.

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What I actually do is edit the ‘included’ file and remove all (above & below body code). I keep a back up of the initial ‘included’ file and I upload the ‘edited’ on the server. There is an issue here that when you remove ‘head’ & ‘body’ tags Wappler adds them back without any notification. If this happens just delete them again and then save. I know it is not the best practice but this is how I do it.

So regarding your question I would move any html code (that I would like to inculde) into an .html | php file and do what I described above to avoid several ‘body etc’ tags in the final code.

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Actually the server side include files and their usage are well documented In our docs:


So you can ready there how is they are in usage and to apply. This way you can also move the Navbars to an include file and reuse it.

@t11 - Wappler doesn’t insert any body of head tags any longer. When you use the new way of includes - partial html files are rendered nicely in the Wappler design view. Their design time includes are determined by the special comment starting tag <!-- Wappler include --> that is inserted and maintained automatically when you use the documented above way


I was doing it from the code view and ‘body’ tags were inserted by creating include files manually. Thats why I made clear that this is the way I do it even if I know it is not the best practice.


ok. It works very good. Thank you


This was helpful. Iv’e used templates for years and actually never knew what includes were…well that was easy. My question is in the include type what is our guide for choosing?

SSI file include options require that your server supports SSI and has it enabled, for apache you need to have mod_include enabled. http://httpd.apache.org/docs/current/mod/mod_include.html - they work on HTML pages.

For the PHP includes you must save your page as PHP - they work on PHP pages.

It would be great to have a site template where the standard site page structure and various app architecture elements could be pre-added. Using includes does not work for the js files if you want to use the Wappler components and it is easy too forget to add an include for complex sites.

This repopulated template could be an option for creating new pages in the site as well as the basic current one.


i agree with you. i try to „fake“ kinda template system with multiple includes, footer, header, navbars and have a bit of reusable code. But a real template system would help.


I m a dimmi but sincerrly speaking template is against the logic of Wappler…

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@updates not sure what you mean. Can you be more specific? If the template system is easy enough it would be so helpful. You cant really manage a project with wappler which has 50 of pages without template

sorry my phone correction!!

Dummy I mean.

With template system you means just template of pages or complete systems with server connect scripts ?